Playgroup: A hotbed of sexual tension pt 1

My first visit to playgroup: a volunteer group run by church pensioners that proved to be much more than that.

Sitting in the car and ready to roll, my first playgroup as a stay at home daddy and Im scared to death. My expectatnions: old-dears in tabbards, blck coffeee and hours of avoiding baby-chit  with the same boring old mums as every other group., but was I wrong. Before leaving the car my eyes had been opened,a loook to the left changed my  opinion in one simple strolke of the lip gloss. In a row, six women were applying the lippy, touching up the make-up and making themselves look presentable, the rest of the car park was little different. Suddenly I was desperate to get in there.


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Chris B

A 38 year old male, dressed well, body beautiful..... bipolar Bulimic, Alcoholic, Bibliomaniac dad

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