1 dad @ home + 1 pregnancy = 2 under 2 and petrified

11 months old and 8 weeks pregneant……. and  I’m the dad

so why am I so worried? because I do all the work, all of it. Nights, days, feeds, you name it I do it….. the thought of two scares me to death and Ive got 7 months to stew on it.

The intenttion of this blog was to moan, I guess would be the best workd at that persistenetly sexist nature of ‘mother and baby’ signage, which I have been doing through twitter under the handle Bemused @ Home Daddy, and am surprising an increasingly number of modern signage has either unisex or male inclusive pictures, to my icreased surprise. I will continue ot disgrace and congratulate the winners and losers in this department but have much more fish to fry at the moment….. the one one thing on my mind, worrrying me to death, the coming of ‘Seb’, for if he is to be a boy we shall name him Sebastian.

In this blog I will keep  a diary of the pregnanacy, the scans, my thoughts, fears, excitements and the odd little tit-bit I pickp up herre ans there from about the t place. It may look weird but I am approaching other people in that situation and asking how they got in on, tips, and ways forward. Rather unsursprisingly epoeple are desperate to talk about their own kids, their own expereiences and what they found worked fort them

today, in a quesue in Costa, who just happen to have fantastic changing facilities at most venues and most helpful staff who cannot do enough, in front of me in the queue stood a double buggie – the stacked type rather than the end of the world parallel type – this young lady was more thna happy to discuss the situattion:

she had 2 under 2, bothe with very similar birth dates (save on the party costs I think not), she also had another half who worked many  and long hours leaving her lumbereed wiwith much of the work. Her first word was ‘Horrendous! with exclamations excluded., but quickly gets better when a routine is established. A routine, how often do I heara that as a new parent, routine thiis, routine that, and my only lesson so faar is ignore it at your peril!  Getting into a routine is essential, when one is feeding one is playing. For the first three months there is no going out to eat etc, until the routines are firm. This mom herself had drawn up a whiteboard, dividided it into a grid and placed tasks within them. During the days, when I was concerned with groups etc for the older one thees are out, the younger one requiring much more sleep meant walks were very useful, particuarly to the swrings where she had visiited everyday, byt the time they reach the park the younger was aslpeep and the older could have his mommy time…..

dollies : Before the birth of the second they had given their youngest a dolly, so sa to get used to having a baby around, when they second was born she could then be feeding her dollly while mommy fed younger brother, and due to the pltehera of dolls available on the market of all stages, a new doll could be added the older her younger brother got. Of all the suggestions I thin this sounded quite usefull… and will atake this to be the suggestion of the day….

……after a few months it will get easier, so she says, butat least so they all say.

I do not know how much of these tips work but am going to be having to give them a good go!!!

Scaredy Dad

Costa Coffee solihull!  dads expexcted to change hehehe hooooray



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